Hedge Fund is the the breakout musical project of producer and
singer Hedgeward E. Fundë.

His haunted yet poppy sound walks the line between muscular post-punk rock grooves and modern electronica. Queens of The Stone Age with a stop off at Gorillaz along the way to early 2000’s era New Order.

Hedgeward Fundë’s story is not a happy one.

In his home country, he had the perfect life. After working as an award winning journalist for several years, Hedgeward saved up enough money to buy a small house in the Swiss countryside and live a simple existence, painting portraits for locals and doing odd jobs for the people around town. He met a girl, the love of his life, and the two were soon married. Edie was everything Hedgeward had ever wanted, and he was her dream.

In the morning while she slept, Hedgeward would sometimes wake a few minutes early to stare at her face, marvelling at how someone could be so beautiful, even while sleeping, even without make-up. The two were devestated when Hedgeward’s father, beloved by the pair for his kindness and wisdom, died suddenly of pancreatic cancer.

And soon, tragedy struck again. While driving home Edie called Hedgeward to tell him the best news of either of their lives. Edie was pregnant. But as the words came out of her mouth, he heard it.

He heard the 16 wheel semi-trailer plough through Edie’s tiny Proton Savvy, a horrible sound, a sound that sounded like one giant piece of metal colliding at high speed with a much smaller piece of metal. Which, technically, is exactly what it was.

Hedgeward had lost everything. He’d lost his beloved father, and he’d heard his beautiful wife die while pregnant with their child.

But Hedgeward’s heart didn’t break. It turned to stone. Cold, black stone. That’s just how some good men deal with pain, they turn bad.

Hedgeward, previously a kind, gentle, humble man with no desire for power or money, changed in an instant. He no longer cared for love, or friendship.

All he cared about now was money, and power. And he knew where to get it – the land of the almighty dollar, where anyone, through hard work and ruthlessness, can become as rich and powerful as they want. The United States of America.

He moved to the USA and went straight from JFK Airport to Wall St, walked through the doors of Goldman Sachs, and told them he wanted to be their top investment banker. They laughed him all the way down Broadway. He had no financial experience, and he came from some weird country no one had ever heard of.

But Hedgeward wasn’t ready to give up. He didn’t need Goldman Sachs to make him an investment banker. He had a skill that could make him more money than any stock broker could ever dream of.

He could write music.

On his new EP ‘Graceless’, we hear in the singles ‘True Romance’ and ‘Graceless’ Hedgeward’s descent through pain into villainy.

On ‘Like for Like’ we hear the disgust and contempt he holds for his fellow human beings. The record’s one love song, ‘Physical Education’ is a love song only to greed, clothes and money. He may not have been the CEO in a bank, but he was still going to get to the top.

And so Hedgeward’s Hedge Fund was born.

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